5 Ideas for Decorating your Living Room
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5 Ideas for Decorating your Living Room


A home is more than just a shelter and a place to sleep. The importance of family time cannot be overstated. A straightforward but inviting family room design will make spending quality time with your family seem complete. Are you unsure of how to create a cosy living room? Or how to optimise the layout of a small home's family room?


Here are some pointers you can use as a guide:


1. Put a rug on your floor


(Bohem Rug)


You should lay down while reading a book or comic with your kids or partner on occasion. Leave a little space close to the sofa if the living room is spacious enough. Install a rug with plush fibres to make family time even cosier. The carpet's design can be modified to match the subtleties of the home's d├ęcor.


2. Install a chic shelf

(Zara Bookshelf/Display Shelf)


If you decide to fill your family room with toys or books for kids, place these items on attractive shelves. The shelf can be painted either a natural wood colour or a neutral white hue. Added ornaments should be placed, such as statues or miniatures. To avoid giving off a claustrophobic or congested image, arrange all items horizontally.


3. Select vibrant colours

(Bella Coat Rack)


Bright hues like pastels, especially in the living room, provide a relaxing impact. There are now several materials that can protect your furniture from stains if you're concerned about coffee spills reaching the walls or carpet. You can find synthetic plastic carpets or paints that resist stains and are simple to clean.


4. Put a cosy plush sofa

(Albert Feather-Filled Modular Sofa)


A plush sofa, in addition to a carpet with soft fur, completes the space where the family spends time watching TV. To accompany your family viewing occasion, add heaps of cushions.


5. Curate your own collection to display on the wall

(Starry Night Wall Art)


Have you ever collected artwork, vintage black-and-white photos, or vintage music on vinyl? Why not just put them on show rather than just stacking them in the cupboard? Just take a look at how the room above can seem to have been altered simply by having wall art covering the walls.