SOS! Auckland Flood Donation.
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SOS! Auckland Flood Donation.

28 January

Help Aucklanders!
Extra 5% discount on our amazing low prices.
Or you donate any share of this 5% and we will match the donation.


How to donate:
When check out, your order will be automatically applied 5% discount.
If you wish to donate, pls simply 'buy' some $1 donations, as much as you want, we will match maximum 5% of the order sum.

The donation link: Donations for Auckland Flood Victims (


We will transfer your donation, also our own matching fund to a charity organization later by the result of the online poll. 

The poll is at the bottom of ifurniture website home page.

*Your donation will be recorded and auditable by any third party. But your privacy will be considered and protected.


Here to Vote:

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