7 Days Money Back Guarantee
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7 Days Money Back Guarantee

Change your mind after purchase? NO WORRIES, WE GOT YOU!


We provide our buyers a 7 Days Money Back Guarantee under the following terms:

  1. You need to contact us and return the product within 7 days after receiving it.
  2. You need to return it in its original packaging (UNOPENED).
  3. RESTOCKING FEE will apply to a product not returned in its original packaging (ASSEMBLY ATTEMPTED/USED). The amount will depend on the product condition once returned and assessed by us (Normally, from 20% - 30%).
  4. We can DENY your return if your product is one of the UNRETURNABLE products*
  5. It's your responsibility to keep it safe in transit.
  6. The refund does not include services that have been done (payment surcharge and delivery fee).


*Things to Note:

  • Mattress CANNOT BE RETURNED once used or removed from their packaging FOR HYGIENE PURPOSES.
  • MDF material CANNOT BE RETURNED once assembled due to its nature.
  • Marble products CANNOT BE RETURNED once used or removed from their packaging DUE TO THEIR FRAGILITY DURING TRANSIT.
  • Outdoor furniture CANNOT BE RETURNED once used outside.
  • MAKE OR SUPPLY BY ORDER ITEMS cannot be changed, cancelled, returned, or refunded once manufacturing has begun, INCLUDING CURTAINS.

THERE WILL BE NO CASH REFUND. We process refunds ONLY BY INTERNET TRANSFER to your purchase account. Please send us the bank account details with your invoice number by email (customerservice@ifurniture.co.nz). We will make the transfer and email you the receipt.