Why a sit-stand desk is better?
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Why a sit-stand desk is better?


With the trend of sit-stand desks booming nowadays versus the traditional non-adjustable height desk, more people are questioning which desk is suitable for them. Of course, there is no “perfect desk.” Both designs have their pros and cons depending on your needs.


Here are 3 reasons why you should opt to get a sit-stand desk:


  • Sit-Stand Desk Provides Flexibility

The desk gives you the flexibility to have that average fixed-height desk whenever you need and to stand up according to your height level comfortably. Not every fixed desk height is suitable for you and that makes your choice of desk limited. But, with height adjustable desk, you can change the height to your comfort level when sitting down and standing up.


Once you use the sit-stand desk, most likely you’ll have a preferred height that you use daily. It’s common nowadays for a sit-stand desk to have height save slots, such as our SUMMIT Height Adjustable Desk. Save your daily-use height or share the slot with your family member. Having the desk is an extended comfort for your partner/kids/family.



  • Work-Health Balance

Is a sit-stand desk necessary? Having a sit-stand desk allows you to adjust your posture every now and then while working. Your muscle and joint get stiff after some time, especially your neck, shoulder, and lower back when sitting for a long time. Thanks to the height adjustability, you have the option to switch things up between sitting or standing based on your body's cues. Knowing you can easily get up and continue working is one of the best features of a sit-stand desk.



  • Investing for Longer Term

A sit-stand desk is considered to be more expensive than the traditional fixed-height desk. This is due to added electric motor and components for the system to work. You also invest in a healthier lifestyle every day when you use it. So, with the option to be flexible anytime and the health benefits you can gain from a sit-stand desk, we think it’s worth the investment.



There are different price ranges for sit-stand desks depending on your needs and budget. Check our sit-stand desk selection that may suit you. Consider your height and the range of the sit-stand desk. Make sure the range fits you comfortably when you’re sitting down and standing up.


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