LEATHER Cleaner Spray and Leather Care Cream
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(Out of Stock) LEATHER Cleaner Spray and Leather Care Cream

Gentle and effective Leather Cleaner Spray removes stains while preserving color, and our nourishing Leather Care Cream revitalizes and protects. Easy application and environmentally friendly formulas make it an essential combo for lasting leather beauty.

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Elevate the longevity and allure of your leather possessions with our Leather Care Duo. Our Leather Cleaner Spray, meticulously formulated with functional surfactants and decontamination factors, effortlessly cleans, moisturizes, and protects leather, ensuring gentle stain removal without compromising the original color or texture. Crafted with ingredients like surfactant and purified water, it is suitable for all genuine leather hues. For a comprehensive leather care routine, our environmentally friendly Leather Care Cream, made with vegetable oil and lanolin, complements the cleaning process. Ideal for leather shoes, sofas, clothing, bags, car seats, and artificial leather, it revitalizes and nourishes, leaving a lasting impression. Whether removing stains or providing deep nourishment, both products come with usage precautions, ensuring a seamless and satisfying leather care experience.


  • Leather Cleaner Spray:

    • Meticulously formulated for gentle stain removal.
    • Contains functional surfactants, decontamination factors, and purified water.
    • Preserves original color and texture.
    • Easy application with 1-2 sprays and gentle wiping.
    • Suitable for all genuine leather colors.
    • Usage precautions ensure safe and effective cleaning.
  • Leather Care Cream:

    • Environmentally friendly formula for comprehensive leather care.
    • Made with vegetable oil, lanolin, and emulsifiers.
    • Revitalizes and nourishes leather shoes, sofas, clothing, bags, and car seats.
    • Ideal for both genuine and artificial leather.
    • Simple application on cleared leather surfaces for optimal results.
    • Comes with precautions for secure storage and usage.
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